Conquering the famous San Mamés Stadium in Bilbao. 🏟️🐶

Canine Exploits at San Mamés! 🐾⚽️
Football lovers and furry friends, I’ve got an epic tale for you! It turns out my adventurous Westie and I decided to conquer the famous San Mamés Stadium in Bilbao. 🏟️🐶
Starting on the right foot, we arrived at the stadium full of excitement, only to find out that, just like in art, pets aren’t allowed inside the football arena. Tough break! But like any good team, we improvised a strategy off the field.
Yesterday, we gathered before the statue of goalkeeper Iribar, also known as “El Txopo,” to summon some football magic. With my Westie as my ace in the hole, we were ready to take on Barcelona F.C.!
While Iribar’s statue watched from its pedestal, we, armed with courage and tails waving like a flag, set out to defeat the Catalan giant. With every bark, we felt like we were scoring a goal in our canine battle against Barcelona.
And no joke! We managed to beat the rival team 4-2, all thanks to the bravery and spirit of my Westie. Strolls around the stadium turned into a canine victory that not even Messi in his best times could have stopped ⚽️🎉
So, dear followers, even if San Mamés doesn’t allow our pets inside, we can always conjure football magic outside. With a statue of “El Txopo” as our witness, my Westie and I put on a show worthy of the Champions League. Watch out, rival teams, because dogs know how to score too!
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